Transport your goods with confidence

Road transport


Active at LGG airport since 2002, we have been able to build strong relationships with a few trucking companies of choice and to develop a solid experience of road transport over the years. Beside our partners, we also work on a daily basis with our sister company recently created, Liège Cargo Shuttle, which possesses its own fleet of vehicles.


The experience acquired since all those years permits us to offer a broad range of services, which are always tailored based on the needs of our customers. We also make follow-up and customer satisfaction our first priority, which we achieve thanks to our proactivity and our solution oriented minds.


LCA can also offer solutions for jobs that are more tricky, such as temperature sensitive cargo, long distance transports, express runs, pharma cargo and more. Thanks to our expertise in various fields (customs, ADR/DGR, pharma, …), our team takes all the variables into account in order to make sure that the operation will be a success.  

Liege Cargo Shuttle, also known as LCS by its initials, the new sister company of Liege Cargo Agency, recently launched its transport activities in 2022. Founded by Eric Bruckmann, CEO of Liege Cargo Agency, the company is based at Liege Airport and has the transport facilities to ensure fast and efficient deliveries.


With a team of experienced transport professionals, Liege Cargo Shuttle is ready to take on the most complex logistical challenges. Whether for local or international deliveries, the company is committed to providing customised solutions to meet the needs of each customer.


Liege Cargo Shuttle relies on state-of-the-art technology to ensure maximum efficiency in its transport operations. With its real-time tracking and monitoring systems, the company is able to track the progress of each delivery, ensuring a reliable and timely service.


With this new sister company, Liege Cargo Agency strengthens its position in the transport and logistics sector. LCS offers a fast and efficient transport solution for companies that need to ship goods with confidence.

For further information, visit the LCS website :