Your works of art, valuables and musical equipment transported safely

Artwork, Valuables, Musical equipments


Sensitive cargo shipping can be tricky, that’s why we leave nothing to chance when it comes to artwork, valuables or musical equipments. Our trained staff can perform supervision in close collaboration with the handling agent from the truck unloading to aircraft departure or from aircraft arrival to truck loading. For all supervisions, a full report containing the time-tables and pictures is sent to our customers by our team that’ll give you all needed updates at any time, as active 24/7.

Thanks to our own secured and CCTV equipped warehouses along with our rigorously trained handling staff, LCA can offer a perfect solution for your build-up or break down operations of your sensitive cargo from the unloading of the trucks to labelling, customs document issue, screening, build-up and delivery to GHA. Or from the loading of the intact units at GHA to break-down, palletizing, sorting, customs clearance and truck loading. Our all-in solution is the easiest way to monitor efficiently your operations at LGG.

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